Two Opinion Pieces Published in Norwegian Newspapers

Two new opinion pieces have been published in Norwegian newspapers by the researchers involved in the Norwegian OCEANS PACT team;  Maaike Knol-Kauffman, Gunnar Sander, Kåre Nolde Nielsen, and Peter Arbo. Both articles were published on the 28th of May, 2024.

In the article, "Blir havet den nye kampsonen?" (Will the Sea become the New Battle Zone?"), published in Fiskeribladet, the authors discuss the increasing industrialization of the world’s oceans and the potential for escalating conflicts over resources, space, and environmental protection. It highlights Norway’s experience with managing such conflicts through comprehensive governance systems and political culture that emphasize public participation, compromise, and sector-specific regulations. The piece also touches on the challenges of balancing competing interests and the need for more integrated and cross-sectoral management of ocean areas.

"Et hav av konflikter?" ("An Ocean of Conflicts?"), published in Nordnorsk debatt discusses the challenges and potential conflicts arising from new marine industries like offshore wind farms and aquaculture are discussed. The authors draw on Norway’s experience with oil and gas conflicts and emphasize the importance of comprehensive management plans to navigate competing interests and meet environmental concerns. The authors argue for a holistic approach to marine spatial planning to effectively manage “blue growth” and avoid exacerbating conflicts.
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