Work Package 4: Institutionalizing Sustainability Pathways 

We see conflict as a dimension of marine governance offering opportunities and possibilities to realign governance processes and practices toward sustainability. Accordingly, this work package will develop conceptual and methodological guidance to undertake case study work on how to co-design strategies, pathways and actions to embed scientifically informed and socially relevant transformational change in ocean sustainability practice 

This acknowledges that long-term sustainability transformative action needs to be structural, systemic and enabling. This will involve three key steps. First, we will undertake an institutional analysis of spaces for change, including an assessment of what scope there is within the current institutional arrangements (legal, organizational, practice (hard and soft)) to support the formalization and upscaling of conflict transformation practices across governance scales. Second, is a focus on change processes and incentives, to collaboratively appraise different types of incentivesmeasures and actions to support productive spaces for change. Third, is to engage with and transform power: knowledge relations across institutional scales to support mutual understanding, capacity and reflexivity towards just and sustainable marine governance practices.  


Lead partner

Södertörn University